City of Marquette Heights
"The City of Pride"
 715 Lincoln Road - Marquette Heights, Illinois 61554
(309) 382-3455

Recycling Information
  Aluminum cans can be dropped
off at 715 Lincoln Rd.

Burn Notice
    Marquette Heights only allows dry yard waste fires. There is No burning on     city streets or sidewalks. Violators will be fined!

    Violation - $150.00

    Prohibited Items Include -  wet yard waste, garbage, tires, and building     materials. Citations will be issued


    Marquette Heights has two different sirens. 
    Tornado Siren - When a tornado is spotted by the T.E.C.M.A. and the Marquette Heights area is in its path, the TECMA. will sound the siren for on steady blast.
This will be done each time a tornado is spotted. The steady blast means
“take cover immediately” and “tornado is approaching.” 

It is advised to have a battery-powered radio, National Weather Service radio, or T.V. to listen to details when the electricity is off.

The “tornado” siren will be tested on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00a.m., unless severe weather is in the area.

    Fire Rescue Siren - When there is a local emergency the  T.E.C.M.A. will alert the volunteer emergency officials in the area by sounding a siren with a altering tones.

"No need to panic." This is an alert for the trained professional in the area.